Left 4 Dead 2 1.0

Zombie survival shooter where the infected move fast and attack hard

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Save the world from people infected with a zombie virus in Left 4 Dead 2, which is a first-person shooter that follows a similar story line to the one featured in the original game. It comes with multiple modes of play and five different campaigns that provides hours of fun and excitement.

The game opens with a cut scene that shows a disease called the Green Flu spreading across the country. You'll learn how the disease spread and how it caused infected to act like zombies. The game also teaches you that some humans contracted the disease but are only carriers and do not show any symptoms. This cut scene also shows you how the government established safe communities for people in certain states. Once the cut scene ends, you can jump right into the action.

Left 4 Dead 2 comes with a campaign mode that lets you play on your own or with a team of survivors. If you play by yourself in solo mode, the game will put you on a team with four other survivors that the computer controls. When playing online, you can join a team of four other players. Campaign mode features several modes and several levels. You need to work with your team to fight your way through hordes of infected people and make your way to one of the safe zones. Singleplayer is similar to campaign but lets you fight through smaller hordes with just three characters controlled by the computer.

Versus mode mixes things up and puts you in control of one of the infected. Instead of fighting through the zombies, you play as one of those zombies. The game asks that you stop kill and attack the human survivors to stop their progress. Left 4 Dead 2 awards points to both those playing as zombies and those playing as humans based on which side performed their best. Once the level ends, the game switches sides and lets you play as a human. Whichever team did the most damage in zombie form receives 25 bonus points.

Survival is a newer mode of play that puts you in the shoes of a survivor and sends you to a special section of the map. You'll play alongside other human players via an internet connection. The game requires that you stay in your unique map area as zombies attack. Your team scores points based on how long you last and whether you can stay alive until the time limit passes.

The main problem with Left 4 Dead 2 is that it's a little too similar to the first game. You may find that some levels tend to feel too familiar or too repetitive. For exciting action and realistic fights with zombies though, Left 4 Dead 2 delivers.


  • Offers some choices for those playing in single-player mode
  • Tons of opportunities and campaigns for playing with and against others online
  • Features an unsettling environment that will leave players on the edges of their seats
  • Easy to learn the controls and play
  • Some levels are highly challenging for even the most experienced of players


  • Is a little too similar to the first Left 4 Dead title
  • Can sometimes look a little too glitchy
  • May requires updates and patches to fix bugs
  • Some levels feel too repetitive for frequent players

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